Happy New Year - Let's Make 2022 Count!

By Peter Garety - December 31, 2021

Happy New Year!

I'm grateful that you're part of DashNex community and our mission to provide simplicity, speed and results for billions of people from every corner of the world. 

Yes, those are ambitious goals, but if you are not AIMING BIG... why do something at all, right!?

Now, my deepest wish for you for 2022 is this:

First, I want you to be HEALTHY because everything else is pointless without that.

Second, I want you to have more TIME for relationships with people you care about the most because life is meaningless without that.

And finally, I want you to have MORE MONEY. Without it, you won't have freedom of choice, and that's sad. 

Seriously - there is no greater power in human life than the ability to choose what you want, when you want it and with whom you want it. That's what creates fulfillment, and isn't life about that?

Now, from my side, I'll be working double as hard as I did this year to bring you the FUTURE that you might not even envision yet.

I mean, the things that we are building for you are not some features here and there. 


What I'm talking about here is FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT how DashNex operates and how you will be BENEFIT from everything we do - even from just being a member!!!

You will be ASTOUND - there is no better word to describe. 

Therefore, stick around - be engaged with us. The gain might be immense! 

Happy New Year!!!!

Onwards & Upwards!
Peter Garety


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