What's Your Goal For The Last Quarter of 2022?

By Peter Garety - August 27, 2022

We all had aspirations when we entered 2022. We all wanted certain things to change. Now we are 3 quarters down, so while there is not that much time left in 2022, you can still accomplish a lot.

Here are some ideas of what you can certainly do. You can:

- Start a new business

- Lose weight, improve your health and get into a habit of exercising daily

- Build new relationships as well as improve existing ones

- Learn a new skill that's valuable in the current day and age

- Help someone who is lost in life

- And so much more.

There are still 4 months left in 2022, so what is your commitment for the next 4 months?

Please share via the comments below.

Upwards & Onwards,
Peter Garety

P.S. My personal objective for the remaining of 2022 is to 1) establish a content creation routine so that I can publish new content via social channels every single day; 2) to lose additional 25 pounds (I lost 12 so far this year - started on 4th of July, as during the 1st half of 2022 I couldn't train at all due to health issues post covid-19).

Remember this, regardless of where you are at in life, everyone has challenges and obstacles that seem hard and almost impossible to overcome. But that's why life is amazing! You live to overcome them and become stronger. 

Progress is the goal. Accept that, and let's get after it!


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